By making home-cooking more affordable and less time consuming, we’re making it easier for people to eat well and stay healthy. 

Cooking Simplified Meal Kits: everything you need to make up to six servings of a quick, hearty, and delicious meal that fits within your budget.


What you get

Everything you need to make a batch of nutritious and delicious meals. Each kit comes with:

  • Pre-cut & portioned produce, grains, and spices ready for transformation into several servings of a delicious meal.

  • A  Cooking Simplified recipe card with simple, easy-to-follow instructions for making your meal kit. We’ll also provide tips for storage.

How we're different

Affordability - We know that home-cooking is a key part of eating well, but we also know that eating well on a budget is hard. Cooking Simplified  is the only existing meal kit service that understands this, and is dedicated first and foremost to making healthy home-cooking more affordable.

Batch meals - We love leftovers. And with our kits, you will too: batch cooking is a great way to save time throughout the week. We provide instructions on how to best store your leftovers and suggestions for how to easily repurpose them into new meals on those days when you just don't have time to cook again.

Convenience - We pre-prepare most of the ingredients for your meal for you, meaning little to no chopping, less clean up, and all our recipes take under an hour from start to dinner- and you can usually multitask while your food cooks!

Transparent and tiered pricing - We believe that our customers deserve to know the true costs of their meal kit. When operating at scale, we expect each meal kit to cost between $23 and $27 to produce when factoring in ingredients, packaging, labor paid a living wage, and the cost of getting the meal kits from us to you. For some people, this cost works for their budget, but for others, it’s just too much. We’re committed to providing high quality meals for people regardless of their income. As such, we invite you to  pay what you can from three different pricing options:

  • $12.50 (approx. $2.50 per meal)

  • $22.50 (approx. $4.50 per meal)

  • $32.50 (approx. $6.50 per meal)

Maybe this week you’re tight on cash, but next week you’re expecting a paycheck. Pay what works for you, and keep in mind that when you’re able to pay more, you’re making it possible for more people to cook at home and eat well.