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How Cooking Simplified is Making Healthy Eating Easier by Jocelyn Hsu

"Although each meal kit costs $23 to $27 to produce, Cooking Simplified offers them at $24 or less. Add in their flexible tiered pricing system, and Cooking Simplified's meal kits are way more affordable than other options. The tiers are $12.50, $22.50, and $32.50 per kit. You get to pick how much you pay for each meal based on your current financial situation. If you're short on money one week, you can opt for a lower tier. If you just got paid, you can pay the full $32.50. Regardless, these kits are a deal." Read more >

Fast Company

The $5 Billion Battle for the American Dinner Plate by Elizabeth Segran

"In another twist of the concept, three graduate students at the University of California..launched a low-cost meal-kit service, Cooking Simplified, that requires families to spend only 1% of their week—about an hour and a half—to make three different dishes that are big enough for about half a week's meals...a glimpse into the possibilities of developing less expensive options targeting a wider range of consumers" Read more >


Are Cook-Your-Own Meal Kits All They're Cracked Up to Be? by Tamar Adler

"Along similar lines is concern among food thinkers that meal kits remain too costly for most Americans. At about $10 per person they are less expensive than much New York takeout, but still $7 more than the average American spends on a home-cooked meal. This, too, may take time to work out. There are signs it’s begun. Cooking Simplified, in Berkeley, California, sells a meal kit that costs less than $5 per meal" Read more >

Thyme Fries

Cooking Simplified: Expanding Food Access by Wes Melville

"Cooking Simplified is taking a different road. Its model is based on the recognition that many sustainable food innovations are too costly for most low-income (and many budget-conscious) consumers. However, with a lower price tag, the Cooking Simplified creators believe that the meal kit could have a huge impact on the way we eat food." Read more >

Sauté Magazine

The Ultimate Guide to Dinner Delivery Kits by Candice Currie

"This smart company is the brainchild of founders Michelle Azurin and Sara Draper-Zivetz. These two ladies recognized the importance of creating good home-cooked meals while on a budget. Their goal was to find a way to create an affordable way to bring healthy food into more homes." Read more >

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Eat. Think. Blog.

How might we make home cooking the delicious, affordable, and convenient choice? Our team of three didn’t really know what we were in for when we agreed to work together to answer this question as students in “Eat. Think. Design.” Read more >